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WLG-SET: Lady's Wide Girdle Buckle Set - 40.00

Consisting of buckle, buckle mount and chape.  15th Century, modelled after a museum piece.  Strap width 83mm.

houpBUCK-H: Wide Buckle 12.00

Suitable for a ladies belt but would work equally well on a wider sword belt. Mid 14th - mid 15thC.

Bar Width 50mm maximum strap width 55mm.
dBUCK-D: Single loop D shaped buckle 7.50

Buckle bar width 15.5mm, maximum strap width 25mm.
BUCK-GB: Small buckle 5.50

Attachment bar width 1cm, max. strap width 12.5mm.
BUCK-SL: "Memling" Buckle - 9.50
15th Century, inspired by a Memling painting.
46 x 33mm, strap width 23-30mm.
BUCK-T: Trapezoid Buckle - 6.50
Simple late medieval buckle.
32x36mm, strap width 19mm.
BUCK-K: Small Kidney Buckle - 5.00
C. 1400 - 1500 copied from an original.
24mm x 32mm, strap width 15-19mm.
BUCK-DB: Buckle with attachment bar - 7.00
C. 1375 - 1500 modelled after an example from the Museum of London.
36mm wide x 30mm long max strap width 24mm.
BUCK-DO: Double oval buckle 7.50
C.1350-1500+ A sturdy buckle based on historical examples 

42x29mm, cross bar width 14mm, max strap width 17mm.
shoegarterbuckleBUCK-SB: Shoe/Garter Buckle 5.50
C.1350-1500+ Modelled on period examples.
23 x 27mm, cross bar width 12mm, max strap width 14mm
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