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DH-FL: Dress Hook £4.50

Late Medieval/Tudor dress hook after an original find from Nottinghamshire. C.1400 - C.1600.

14mm wide x 30mm long.

SD-DS: Shallow domed stud - £2.00 each

Head dia - 12mm, shank - 10mm x 3.5mm

flowerstudSD-FS: Small Flower Stud - £2.00 each

Head dia - 17mm, shank - 7mm x 2.5mm

studsSD-DDS: Deep Domed Stud -£2.00

Head width - 11mm, shank - 10mm x 3.5mm

BT-GL: Bronze Buttons with Gems - £2.60 each

Bronze buttons fitted with glass gems.

12mm diameter.

BT-AC: Acorn Buttons - £2.00 each

Bronze acorns buttons, modelled after medieval and Tudor examples.

19mm overall length, 10mm diameter

BT-FL: Fluted Buttons - £2.00 each

Buttons with fluted sides modelled after late medieval and Tudor examples.

16mm overall length, 10mm diameter

grommetsSD-GR1: Grommet £2.00

Grommet/eyelet re-enforce.

15mm diameter face, 6.5mm hole diameter

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